Find a Better Quality of Life Through Personal Training

Personal training for individuals and groups. A holistic approach to lifestyle and fitness, drawing from different modalities, is followed to enrich your customized fitness regimen. TRX Suspension Training is offered in-studio. We offer the best trainer-developed fitness boot camps!

What You Can Find At StudioMove

Personal Training

Personal training and fitness for everyone is offered by Lynn Satow, an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, at Studio Move. A wealth of experience in various modalities allows Lynn to customize your training sessions so that you can feel good and achieve your fitness goals regardless of your ‘starting point’. 

TRX Training

Join us in our intimate studio to experience TRX. TRX suspension training is offered to experience total-body fitness while engaging more muscle fiber and utilizing your core muscles consistently. Suspension training is designed for anyone including post-rehab clients to pro-athlete abilities.

Fitness Boot Camps

Our fitness boot camps are one of the area’s best trainer-developed regimens designed to allow your body composition to change while you gain strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and confidence! Understand how interval training results in long term benefits!


We offer private and group yoga to become more body aware, relax, gain flexibility, and experience the therapeutic effects of yoga. We have 18 years of experience working with groups of all ages, sizes, and needs. Small groups can travel to our private studio; yoga can also be offered at your location dependent on schedules.

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